Contact ICQ: 350380. Sell dumps T1/T2 USA/World Wide.

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Contact ICQ: 350380. Sell dumps T1/T2 USA/World Wide.

Post by Jim service on Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:26 am

Contact ICQ: 350380. Sell dumps T1/T2 USA/World Wide.

Please read notices & replacement policy before you talk to us.

For whom our service is dedicated for?Our service is dedicated for professional & long-time in game carders who have their own, checked by time, bins.
This is not a secret that sometimes it's really impossible to get rare bins even if you have fifty seller contacts in your ICQ. With our help you can always have the stuff to work with.

- Our key benefits are:

1. Safe communications through ICQ with OTR encryption.
2. The biggest base at market. Ask about your favorite bins — we have them in stock.
3. We sell only first hand, high valid dumps and always fresh.
4. We guarantee that our dumps work in your region 90-95%.
5. We are seller , not resellers INSTANT DELIVERY.
6. We sell mix & bulk packages and Bonus on big orders.

- Notices:

1. We are offering for sale only tracks.
2. You pay upfront always. No delivery until payment is completed.
3. No free/test dumps will be given.
4. Works from Monday till Friday, in weekends contact support for help.
5. Don't be rude with support of service, you will be sent to ignore list.


United States of America (track1/track2) valid rate 90%:
Service code 101, 201


European countries (track2) valid rate 85%
Asia countries valid rate 90%

Third World Countries (China, Brazil, Hungary, India, Africa countries, Latin-America countries) valid rate 90% (track2):
Service code 101

- Replacement policy for DECLINED dumps:

!! We ONLY replace cards that say hold/stolen/decline/pick up/invalid. Region block never will be replaced, so please choose your bin carefully
!!! We also do not replace dumps you have requested to be checked OR that have been checked by you and got approval
but in store did not work, it is a well known fact that ALL checkers kill 90% of cards shortly after checking.
it is your problem if you check not ours, we provide only FRESH dumps so no need for check before use.
!!!! Replace will be given checked only if customer will complaint on a high decline rate because we will suspect him in cheating & begging for free dumps (we are knowing validate of our base which is always perfect). High decline rate is 30% or more. Also this situation can happens if you will try dumps for high amounts or in blocked countries (e.g. you will try USA dumps in eastern European countries). Our service is not responsible for those situations. After that replace will not be given as we are never replacing approved by our checked dumps & we can deny you further using of our service.

- Payment methods:

We accept payments only through WU,MG BTC and LTC.
WU Minimum order 500$ + 10% Drop Fee.

contact: ICQ 350380
Support: ICQ 658838469

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